Mental Health Services

Outpatient Mental Health Services (MHS)

Outpatient MHS are a covered benefit by California Health & Wellness. You can call California Health & Wellness at 1-877-658-0305 or you can also ask your PCP for the name of a plan mental health provider.

These services are for the treatment of mild to moderate mental health conditions which include*:

  • Individual and group mental health testing and treatment (psychotherapy)
  • Psychological testing to evaluate a mental health condition
  • Outpatient services that include lab work, drugs, and supplies
  • Outpatient services to monitor drug therapy
  • Psychiatric consultation

You can still get specialty MHS from the county mental health plans.

Not Covered:

Mental health services for relational problems, such as counseling for couples or families.*

Treatment for significant impairment in functioning. Members need to contact their county mental health plan for help with severe and specialty mental health conditions.

*As defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV)

County Mental Health Resources

Some specialized MHS that are provided through your County Mental Health Agency (CMHA). These services may be received with or without a referral from your doctor.

You can contact your CMHA to get provider lists, grievance process and continuity of care information.

How do members get care?

Call Member Services at 1-877-658-0305 if you need MHS and we can help you get the care you need.

Member Handbook

See page 30 of your Member Handbook. There you can learn more about California Health & Wellness' MHS. You may receive services with or without a referral from your doctor.

County Mental Health Resources
County Contact Phone
Alpine 1-800-486-2163
Amador 1-888-310-6555
Butte 1-800-334-6622
Calaveras 1-800-499-3030
Colusa 1-888-793-6580
El Dorado 1-800-929-1955
Glenn 1-800-507-3530
Imperial 1-800-817-5292
Inyo 1-800-841-5011
Mariposa 1-888-974-3574
Mono 1-760-924-1740, Mon - Fri
1-800-687-1101, Mon - Fri
911 after 6 p.m. and weekends
Nevada 1-530-265-5811
Placer Adult: 1-888-886-5401 or 1-916-787-8860
Family & Children's Services: 1-866-293-1940 or 1-916-872-6549
Plumas 1-800-757-7898
Sierra 1-877-435-7137
Sutter 1-888-923-3800
Tehama 1-800-240-3208
1-530-527-5631, Mon - Fri
Tuolomne 1-800-630-1130
Yuba 1-888-923-3800