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How to Apply

If you’re eligible for Medi-Cal, you will receive a packet from Health Care Options, which is the Department of Health Care Services’ (DHCS) enrollment broker.  Inside the packet, you’ll find:

  • Medi-Cal program information
  • Your available plan options
  • A plan comparison chart
  • Form and phone number (to help you choose a plan)

Apply for Medi-Cal

Enrolling and Choosing California Health & Wellness is Easy

  1. Contact Medi-Cal Managed Care

    • Call: 1-800-430-4263
  2. Receive a welcome packet from your plan

  3. Enjoy your new benefits!

Follow-Up Phone Calls
Health Care Options will be available to help you pick a plan over the phone, and will reach out up to five times as a reminder. During one of these phone calls, you can choose a plan.

Reminder Letter
If you are a mandatory enrollee and do not select a plan, you’ll receive a letter that reminds you to choose one. And if you don’t choose, you will be auto assigned to one.

Plan Confirmation Letter
You will get a letter that confirms your health plan. If you did not choose a plan, this letter will let you know which plan you have been auto-assigned to.

Mailing from the Health Plan
You will receive a mailing from your new health plan. This mailing will include your ID card.

Option to Switch Plans
You may switch plans at any time, as long as you remain eligible for a Medi-Cal Regional Plan. For assistance in choosing a plan, getting an enrollment form or finding an enrollment presentation site, call 1-800-430-4263