Timely Access to Care

Timely Access to Care
Appointment Type Must Get Appointment Within
Urgent care appointments that do not require pre-approval (prior authorization) 48 hours
Urgent care appointments that do require pre-approval (prior authorization) 96 hours
Non-urgent primary care appointments 10 business days
Non-urgent specialist 15 business days
Non-urgent mental health provider (non-physician) 10 business days
Non-urgent appointment for ancillary services for the diagnosis or treatment of injury, illness, or other health condition 15 business days
Telephone wait times during normal business hours 10 minutes
Triage – 24/7 services 24/7 services – No more than
30 minutes

Language services can be coordinated with scheduled appointments for health care services so that an interpreter is available at the time of the appointment.  Use the number on your ID card to schedule an interpreter.