Patient Experience

In an effort to improve patient access to care, care coordination and communication between provider and patient, this section contains the following best practices, tools and resources that can assist providers.

Access to Care

  • Handle more than one medical problem during the visit and extend return visit intervals when appropriate
  • Open same-day appointment slots
  • Improve after-hours access
  • Consider group visits for patients with chronic conditions

Access to Care Resources

For additional information, please visit AMA

Care Coordination

  • Notify patients of all test results
  • Review patient's chart prior to the visit
  • Share information with patients' other health care providers
  • Enhance transitional care
  • Co-manage medical and behavioral health care
  • Promote medication reconciliation

Care Coordination Resources

Doctor-Patient Communication

  • Negotiate the agenda with the patient at the start of the visit
  • Make a personal connection and demonstrate empathy through face-to-face contact and empathic statements
  • Provide closure by summarizing next steps and action plan
  • Offer cultural and linguistic services
  • Conduct office huddles

Doctor-Patient Communication Resources

Additional Resources