Street Medicine End-to-End Process

Click on the steps to view the process workflow for street medicine services.

Community Health Worker Process - Step 1

The member must be active and enrolled in the Medi-Cal Plan. Confirm member eligibility for the month of service through either of the following:

Street Medicine Process - Step 2

Verify if the member qualifies for any of the below services:

Street Medicine Process - Step 3

Coordinate member care with the member's primary care physician (PCP) and/or participating physician group (PPG) and initiate specialist referrals, including behavioral health, Community Supports and social services, when needed.

Street Medicine Process - Step 4

Submit claims to one of the options below:

Note: Authorization number is not a required field for billing.

For more information on billing for street medicine refer to the Department of Health Care Services billing guidelines.

Billing training

To learn more about how to bill for street medicine services, refer to the Claims and Invoice Guidance training.

Note: The training deck is available after viewing the training video.