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TRUEtest Diabetic Blood Glucose Testing Strips Discontinued

Date: 06/02/16

Beginning June 1, 2016 Trividia Health will no longer supply NDCs for diabetic blood glucose TRUEtest test strips.

The TRUEresult® and TRUE2go® blood glucose systems use TRUEtest test strips, which are GDH-PQQ enzyme-based test strips. For a very small percentage of the population with diabetes, the GDH-PQQ enzyme can interfere with certain drug products or therapies that contain non-glucose sugars. Trividia Health is phasing out the TRUEresult and TRUE2go blood glucose system and is working with our providers to transition members to the TRUE METRIX blood glucose system.

Pharmacists should dispense a TRUE METRIX® or TRUE METRIX AIR Meter at no cost or copay to the patient and process the claim using the information listed below. The pharmacy may use a prescription on file or request a new prescription from the provider.

Rx BIN #: 015251
PCN#: PRX2000
Identification #: HB224289455
Group #: TRUEPORT22
NDC# 56151-1490-02 -TRUE METRIX AIR
NDC# 56151-1470-02 -TRUE METRIX

Product list of discontinued NDC’s:

Description NDC
TRUEresult® Blood Glucose System 56151-1240-01
TRUE2go® Blood Glucose System 56151-1340-01
TRUEtest Test Strips 25 ct. 56151-1030-25
TRUEtest Test Strips 50 ct. 56151-1030-50
TRUEtest Test Strips 100 ct. 56151-1030-01

Please contact US Script at 1-855-330-2338 if you have any questions regarding pharmacy benefits processing for California Health & Wellness.