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Services to Help You Lead a Better Quality of Life

Your health is important to us at California Health & Wellness. We can help you get care where and when you need it most. Let us help you find services that can help you live a healthy life.

Community Supports are new services provided by local organizations to help every person reach their full health potential. California Health & Wellness members have access to these optional Community Supports services. If you qualify, there are 14 types of services that can help you with your health and well-being. See what you may need and qualify for.

To learn more or to sign-up for Community Supports services:

  1. Call California Health & Wellness at 877-658-0305 (TTY: 711), Monday–Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific time.
  2. Call the State's Medi-Cal Health Care Options at 800-430-4263
    (TTY: 800-430-7077)
  3. You may also ask your doctor or clinic about the services.

Services to Address Homelessness and Housing

Recuperative Services

Services for Long-Term Well-Being in Home-Like Settings

To learn more or to sign-up for Community Supports services